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Internship in manuscript management and editing

Description summary. Applicants need to be highly self-motivated and dynamic, with excellent verbal and written skills in English, and an impeccable ability to meet strict deadlines. Ability to concomitantly handle several different manuscripts, and interact in person or via phone and email with many partners including, authors, reviewers, editors, web managers, and production managers is essential. Primary responsibilities include workflow management, overseeing manuscripts from submission to publication, and working with the Editor-in-Chief to plan content for future issues.

The selected candidate will work with other members of the staff to ensure the timely management of manuscripts submitted to our journals. The manuscript managing editor contributes to several steps of an article publication, including the initial evaluation of the article, the selection of the academic editor and external scientific reviewers, correspondence with the authors, proofreading, and making sure that the manuscript adheres to the journal’s publication guidelines. Additional requirements include excellent communication and organizational skills, integrating well within a team, great attention to details, and ability to work under tight deadlines in an international environment.

Detailed description. The selected candidate will:

  • work directly under the Editor-in-Chief to coordinate the work of the academic editors and reviewers in the evaluation of the suitability of manuscripts for publication.

  • will coordinate with the English Proofreading Services to assess manuscript language adequacy and make any necessary language editing recommendations as needed

  • work with authors and reviewers throughout the revision process of manuscripts

  • work with manuscript production managers to ensure publication within strict deadlines

  • work with web contents managers to ensure accurate representation of Society activities and publications in the social media and news outlets

  • follow through with authors on article coverage in news and media outlets

  • make recommendations to the Editor-in-Chief on journal issue article composition, cover illustration, and editorial topics

  • work in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment

  • have Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator skills

  • have a Bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism, Technical or Creative Writing or a related field

  • preferably have a minor (a second degree) in a biology-related field; while this would be advantageous, it is not necessary

  • bring further passion, energy, and integrity to our group

Additional information. With one exception, we practice an Equal Opportunity policy and consider all applications based on merit only, independently of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, family status, national or ethnic origin, and religion, creed or any other spiritual belief. The one exception: in the event the top two applications are of equal merit, we practice instead Affirmative Action to the extent that we will in this exceptional case favor women and minority group candidates. Finally, we strictly abide by gender pay equality. Thus, for the same position and working experience, compensation is the same independently of gender.

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