The Cancer Epigenetics Society was on top of the world as it celebrated its 1st anniversary at the Loft restaurant and bar on the top floor of the Sofitel hotel in Vienna, Austria.

The Cancer Epigenetics Society has achieved extraordinary progress in its relatively short existence so far, producing several cancer and epigenetics databases and journals, supporting cancer epigenetics meetings for scientists in the field, and delivering timely news aimed at the general public. None of this could have been achieved without the talent, dedication and team spirit of the Cancer Epigenetics Society staffers and volunteers, some of whom were present at our celebration today.

Pictured are some of the Cancer Epigenetics Society team members present at the celebration, from left to right: Mariya Licheva (molecular biologist; cancer epigenetics databases contributor), Victoria Beneder (molecular biologist and economist; Society resources contributor), I.M. Bennani-Baiti (Society President), Simona Winkler (biotechnologist; cancer epigenetics databases contributor), Petya Penelova (economist, Society resources contributor), Thomas Habenschuss (nutritional scientist, project management) and Dorottya Sáray (lawyer, project management).

The Society is looking forward to its second year in operation, and to reaching new milestones in our support of cancer and epigenetics research (Cancer Epigenetics Society news; April 26, 2017).