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Very important disclaimers: In the following, “we” refers to the B² Scientific Group, Ltd (B²SG), and its subsidiaries such as the Cancer Epigenetics Society. Similarly, “our”, such as in “our websites”, refers to the property, intellectual or otherwise, of the B² Scientific Group, Ltd, and subsidiaries. Do not use our websites and services should you disagree with any of our Policies (as described herein) or Terms of use (as detailed at this link). Our websites are not intended to be used by children unless under strict parental supervision. Any child who uses our websites does so under the sole responsibility of the child’s parent(s), custodian(s), or other legal guardian(s). Children who wish to become Affiliate members need to be at least 16 years of age and, with the exception of legally emancipated children, require a written parental or legal guardian affidavit stating that they have read and consented to all our privacy policies and terms of use on behalf of the child. This requirement is void for Affiliate member applicants who are 18 years of age or older. If we suspect that a member is too young to consent to our Privacy policies and Terms of use, we will unilaterally and unconditionally terminate her or his account and all associated postings from our websites, and block access to our websites from all IP addresses previously used by said suspected underage member.

The use of our websites and any communication of your information to us, whether through this website, via email, post, or by phone is made under the clear and tacit agreement that you have read and consented to our policies and Terms of use as they currently stand. Please note that we may update, up to several times per year, our privacy policies and Terms of use, and only the latest version of these will be taken into consideration. The date of the latest update is always listed at the end of this document, and any future changes that we deem significantly depart from our current policies are emailed to all our preexisting members before the amendments take effect. Please make sure that our correspondence to you does not end up in your junk mailbox as we are not responsible if you do not read our correspondence because it was intercepted by your email filter settings or if you inadvertently delete our email without reading it. Otherwise, should you be concerned about other, less significant amendments that we may make in the future to our Privacy policy, please check our policies herein periodically.

The privacy of our members is of paramount importance. To protect your privacy, we use the latest and most sophisticated web security and encryption protocols. As a member, any information you share with us is shared with only a select number of third party organizations (please read below), and you can at any given time opt out so that your information is not shared with any third party organization, except to comply with the law, in the exceptional event that the law mandates that we share your information. Any information associated with financial transactions between you and B²SG are limited to B²SG’s accounting department and to the financial institutions involved in the transaction. Any metadata we gather for our own analytics do not contain any personal information that would allow to personally identify the user. It is however important to note that nothing in life is absolute, and we therefore cannot guarantee the safety of information exchanged over the web (or via any medium for that matter, including via the post) with 100% certainty. It is thus important that you know that you share information with us at your own risk, and should do so only if you accept that risk. That being said, we also want you to know that we take all reasonable steps that are commercially available to us to protect both our web platforms and your information.

We will be rolling out in the near future chat rooms and other forums wherein our members can express themselves, make comments, give opinions, or post news and any other information. It is important to note that though the viewing of these posts are restricted to our members, we do have a very large member base and as such, any information exchanged in this manner should be considered an exchange in the public sphere. Please do not post any information in this manner that you would not want to be read by a complete stranger as there is no telling how that information may be used once it is released in the public domain. B²SG is not to be held responsible on how such shared information may be viewed or used by others.

Whenever you use our websites, information is transmitted to us in one of several ways. First, there is the information that you directly provide us. For example, all our users who have signed up for membership provide their name, contact information, and any relevant professional affiliations or expertise. In addition, any payment made to us implies that financial account information (such as a bank account, PayPal, WePay, or credit card number) would be transmitted to our financial institution to process the transaction. In addition, whenever you use any website, whichever website may that be, including ours, a server log information is created and this information is automatically communicated to our server. This includes the date and time of your visit, and your TCP/IP internet address. In case you came to our website through a third party website (for example through one of our partner research institutions, hospitals, or charitable cancer organizations), the name of the referring website is also disclosed to our server. We for example use this information to determine the number of unique visitors which we report on the counter “Visitors” on our homepage. Finally, we use cookies to ensure a seamless web browsing experience for our users. Cookies allow us to provide the most user-friendly experience possible and to know which services are most utilized by our users. While cookies do not collect any identifiable personal information, they help our website remember your preferences (when using the same computer, tablet, or cell phone), and help us customize and improve your experience at our websites. As we do not receive any governmental funds, our web platforms are largely supported by advertising. Thus, depending on your browsing history, cookies also enable customized advertising, so that for example if you mostly browse information or articles on HDACs, you may receive ads on HDAC-related reagents such as HDACi or anti-HDAC antibodies, as opposed to non-HDAC related ads. For cookies to work, your browser must be set to accept cookies, either automatically, or manually, one website at a time. You may set your browser to not accept our cookies, in case of which certain of our services may not work properly, or not at all. Should you choose to disable cookies, cookies would need to be enabled for you to access those specific services that otherwise do not work properly without cookies, at least for the duration of use of those services. You may of course also just dispense of using those services that require cookies to work, in case of which you do not need to enable cookies.

Our members can also receive newsletters from us in the form of emails. In this case cookies allow us to see which themes are interesting to our members and which are not. This helps us prioritize themes and projects that are most relevant to our members and thus optimize our resource allocation. Our members can opt out at any given time from receiving our newsletter by doing so at the Unsubscribe link provided in all correspondence to our members.

While we use cookies to provide you with a customized web browsing experience, we also pool all our users’ web browser usage information into one combined anonymous metadata to run web usage analytics. This analysis allows us for example to assess the percentage of our users that use any given service or app. We can then use this analytic feedback for future resources allocation and development which ultimately would determine what kind of experience you will have using our websites.

While we usually do not share your information with third parties, we may from time to time share professional member’s contact information with select scientific industry partners that can deliver increased value to our members with personalized informational ads. These ads can be of particular interest to our members, as they may for example announce previously unattainable reagents or equipment that may benefit our members’ specific research, announce a one-time discount, or the upcoming discontinuation of a particular reagent’s lot that has worked well for a concerned researcher. Members have of course the possibility to opt out anytime of this service by sending us an email at membership@ces.b2sg.org. While these and other aspects of personalized informational ads will obviously benefit your research, we have no control, take no responsibility, and accept no liability for the privacy policy practices of these commercial partners.

Under some circumstances, we may be bound to disclose user information if compelled by the law, for example to comply with a local or international legal investigation, or to avert, at our own discretion, online activities we deem unethical or in conflict with Our Mission or philosophy, or to safeguard our platforms and the rights, safety, and privacy of our members and other web users.

With the exception of financial information (which we do not store), we keep all information on file permanently. Please feel free to write to us to amend that information, for example to report a change of address, professional affiliation, or contact information.

Please note that all privacy policies listed herein concern only our websites (all websites ending with the domain name “.b2sg.org”, that is). These policies do not apply to third party external links provided on our websites as practical resources to our members and other users. These for example include but are not restricted to all our listings of external grants, awards, job offers, patient blogs, links to books, sponsored ads, any companies, universities, hospitals featured on our webpages, as well as any scientific meetings and other events managed by organizations not directly managed by the B² Scientific Group, Ltd. We take no responsibility for any external links provided on our web platforms and we strongly suggest to all our users to read the privacy policies and terms of use of those third party websites before using them. The privacy policies of third party websites may or may not be as stringent as our own.

For any additional information, or if you have questions or concerns, please contact us:

Cancer Epigenetics Society
B² Scientific Group, Ltd.
Werdertorgasse 12/3/6
1010 Vienna, Austria
Tel: +43-123-13-985
Email: info@ces.b2sg.org; Subject line: Privacy policy

Last update: May 23, 2018.