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language Editing services - B² Scientific Group

Welcome to the B²SG Language Scientific Editing Services! You will find herein a synopsis on what we offer and how we operate.

All manuscripts submitted to the Cancer Epigenetics Society journals are checked by our department for orthography, grammar, and syntax. For a seamless reading experience, among other things, we pay particular attention to the proper use of adjectives, adverbs, and pronouns, and we screen for homonymy and near-synonymy, mistakes in subject-verb agreement, verb tense usage, spelling, word breaks and hyphenation, capitalization, and punctuation. It is important to note that unless a manuscript satisfies our language publishing standards and is cleared by our department, it is not further processed by the Cancer Epigenetics Society journals and returned to the authors.

Manuscripts with only a few minor errors are corrected by us at no cost to you. Should your paper require extensive language editing, you will receive an offer from us detailing the editing costs and time frame. Before you choose us to edit your paper, please bear in mind two points. First, though the Cancer Epigenetics Society policy is to publish only papers that are written in an intelligible, grammatically correct academic English, this is independently of which and whether an editing service is used. Thus, whether your paper is edited by us or by another English editing company has no bearing on the paper’s chances to be published. Second, our services differ significantly from others’: manuscripts are not edited in our department by PhDs in the biomedical sciences.  Instead, all manuscripts are edited by teams of two English native speakers that comprise an English major who also holds a Master’s degree or PhD in English literature, linguistics, journalism, or communication, and a PhD in the Biomedical  sciences  who  makes  sure  that   scientific  subtleties   and   certain   acceptable

language Editing services - Cancer Epigenetics Society
Language Editing services - Cancer Epigenetics Society

research field-specific colloquialisms are preserved during the editing process. We find these teams to deliver the best editing acumen in helping authors communicate the most complex findings and ideas in the clearest possible language, while keeping up with the authors’ writing style and preserving scientific accuracy and substance. After editing is completed, authors receive both the edited original copy with “Track changes” switched on, and a “clean copy” with “Track changes” switched off. In case the authors are not completely satisfied with the first edited version, they are offered the possibility to request one additional round of re-writes at no additional cost . While each round of editing is usually completed within 3 business days, authors will be notified at the time of the submission of our editing time-frame.

Please feel free to contact us at edit@b2sg.org for more information.