We provide here links to to associations that provide help and support to cancer patients in several countries if not worldwide. Associations and support groups listed here have been selected because they state to provide practical, free-of-charge help to cancer patients and their families. However, it is important to note that none of the associations herein are affiliated in any way with the Cancer Epigenetics Society, nor does their listing here constitute and endorsement by the Cancer Epigenetics Society. Please also note that all information herein was current at the time of its entry, and this may still or not be the case. Please take the time to verify any information provided here directly on the charity of interest webpages at the time of your visit. You may access any of these resources by clicking on the name of the association.

Similarly to all other resources provided by the Cancer Epigenetics Society, please visit us often as we keep adding more entries to this page. Please do write to us at info@ces.b2sg.org under the Subject line: Advocacy & Support Groups, should you think that an advocacy or support group would be useful to list here. Finally, we do our best to select only groups and associations that offer free services, please report to us if this is not the case for any of the associations listed here.

This resource would not have been possible without the work and dedication of many volunteers. In particular, the Cancer Epigenetics Society is deeply grateful to Dr. Jozef Ban, Daria Biryukova, Cristina Oliveira Bousbaa, Sara Bousbaa, Dr. Argyro (Iro) Fourtouna, Mehmet Gökgöz, Dr. Isabelle Herbauts, Isabella Hübscher, Raquel Judith Martinez, Prof. Francine Mawet, Andrea Neudolt, Mahmut Orucoglu, Petya Penelova, Patricija Rajšp, Silvia Vargas, and Simona Winkler; with our heartfelt thanks and appreciation!

We hope you find these resources helpful.
The Patients’ Advocacy & Support Team,
The Cancer Epigenetics Society


Association of Cancer Online Resources: is a collection of online communities that provide timely information on cancer in a supportive environment. It is free for everyone affected by cancer or related diseases.

Camp Make A Dream: the Mission of this association is to provide a cost-free camping experience in Montana, in a private community setting for children, teens, young adults, women and families affected by cancer. Parents and siblings of cancer patients are also eligible to participate in this program. Offered all year round.

Cancer Survivors Fund: this organization provides scholarships for young cancer survivors, empowering them with a new purpose and meaning in life, and enabling them to continue their college education. It also provides prosthetic limbs to disadvantaged young adults.

Europa Donna: this coalition’s goal is to raise breast cancer awareness and to mobilize the support of European women in pressing for improved breast cancer education, appropriate screening, optimal treatment, and increased funding for cancer research. EUROPA DONNA strives to represent the interests of European women with breast cancer to local and national authorities, and to institutions of the European Union.

Europa Uomo: a European advocacy movement for the fight against prostate cancer.

Look Good Feel Better: a worldwide cancer support charity, providing practical support for women struggling with the side effects of cancer treatment.

World Child Cancer: this organization aims to help underprivileged children with cancer wherever they are in the world to access proper diagnosis and care.