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Welcome to the Cancer Epigenetics Modifier Database. CEMD consists of a systematic review of genes whose products modulate the epigenetics or epigenomics of normal or cancer cells. Here you will find gene names and synonyms, important protein domains, and reagents to probe the expression of genes or proteins, to investigate protein-protein interactions, and to research association to chromatin. We currently provide databases that include DNA methyltransferases (DNMT) and histone deacetylases (HDAC). The CEMD database is updated periodically and we welcome your suggestions of additional proteins, protein domains, or useful reagents that you would like us to add to the database. Please forward all your suggestions to info@ces.b2sg.org with the Subject line: CEMD suggestions. To cite a reference to all CEMD databases, please cite: M. Licheva & I.M. Bennani-Baiti. Cancer Epigenetics Modifier Database (CEMD) v0.1, Cancer Epigenetics Society (http://ces.b2sg.org/cemd/), 2016. To cite a reference to a specific CEMD database, please refer to the citations listed on each CEMD page.