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Constellation Pharmaceuticals is a premier epigenetics company, focused on the discovery and development of novel, small molecules targeting chromatin regulatory proteins in tumor and immune cells for therapeutic applications in oncology. Our unique discovery platform integrates our understanding of chromatin-regulatory mechanisms with cancer and immune pathways to optimize our drug discovery activities and fully enable the clinical translation of our programs. Our translational capabilities are being currently expanded to ensure the differentiated clinical development of our clinical and pre-clinical assets and we look for talented and experienced individuals who want to participate in developing novel cancer therapeutics.


  • Work closely with scientists to design and execute cell-based phenotypic and mechanism of action assays in a variety of assay platforms
  • Generate, analyze, and catalog data with database tools such as Genedata and software tools such as GraphPad Prism
  • Perform standard molecular biology and biochemistry techniques according to established protocols
  • Document all work in electronic notebooks and present data internally at group meetings


    • BS/MS in biology or other relevant field
    • A minimum of 2-3 years of postgraduate laboratory experience (industry setting preferred)
    • Experience with mammalian cell culture and standard molecular biology techniques is essential
    • Experience with a variety of cell-based assays (Cell Titer Glo, ELISA, flow cytometry) is essential
    • Ability to adapt to new roles in a dynamic working environment, detail oriented with excellent time management skills
    • Strong oral and written communication skills and an ability to successfully work as part of an integrated, interdisciplinary team