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Technician position for Cancer Biology and Pluripotent Stem Cell Biology in Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center : New York, United States

One project will focus on the embryonic factors involved in the extra-cellular signal transduction pathway to inhibit tumor initiation and progression directly by sequestering protein-protein interactions and indirectly boosting immune activation on multiple cancer models including melanoma, leukemia, and neuroblastoma.

The other project will focus on the stem cell factors that regulate epigenetics to control pluripotency and totipotency through controlling innate immunity, endogenous retrovirus activation, chromatin structure, and novel epigenetic markers.

If interested, please send CV and a short description of prior research experience and future career goal (with time frame) to StemCellResearchMSKCC(AT)gmail.com

Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research

Department of Cancer Biology and Genetics

Center for Cell Engineering

Center for Stem Cell Biology



Weill Medical College of Cornell University

Department of Cell and Developmental Biology


Job Type: Full-time

Required education:

  • Bachelor’s