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The Post-Doctoral Associate in Genome Technologies will develop molecular biology and sequencing applications to characterize the genome, transcriptome, & epigenetic changes as well as chromatin biology pertinent to disease conditions, organismic response to environment changes and developmental cue. The research and developmental projects will be centered on sequencing based genome, transcriptome and chromatin characterization.

The position will have a significant role in setting up novel, cutting edge sequencing methods and platforms, and will have the opportunity to work with various staff throughout The Jackson Laboratory.


  • Evaluate the nature of the biological challenges and design molecular biological approaches
  • Perform relevant experiments including the development and implementation of new sequencing or genomics methods to address critical biological questions
  • Participate in the development and implementation of wet lab protocols
  • Provide technical and analytical interpretation of data
  • Improve existing protocols & methods and implement new tools for general use
  • May also provide technical training and support to external collaborators


  • Ability to drive projects and derive new ideas
  • Ability to contribute publications and present data and analysis in scientific meetings
  • Must recognize and understand the key challenges and opportunities in the field of genome technologies and sequencing applications surrounding areas critical to JAX’s core mission.




  • Ph.D. training in relevant area

Job Location: Farmington, Connecticut, United States

Position Type: Full-Time/Regular