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Job summary

Research Specialist: Plan, conduct and analyze complex laboratory research in ovarian cancer biology using molecular biology, biochemical techniques, tissue culture systems, and high throughput techniques. Additional responsibilities would include assisting with the management of the daily laboratory operations. Specific job duties and responsibilities would vary depending upon the course of research. Opportunities to gain experience with primary tissue culture from ovarian cancer patients and exposure to high content and high throughput screening programs.

To test our hypothesis that normal stromal cells are reprogrammed into cancer-associated fibroblasts through epigenetic alterations that metabolically-drive ovarian cancer metastasis. You will assist with research projects in the laboratory, including collecting, documenting, analyzing and interpreting data. Tissue culture experiments involve maintaining cell lines, primary cell isolation and culture, transfections, treatment regimens, functional assays (viability, proliferation and invasion), automated plating and luciferase assays. Molecular biology and biochemical techniques may include enzyme-linked immunoassays, luciferase assays, fluorescent assays and cloning. Assist in preparation of grant applications and manuscripts including literature searches and review. Assist in general laboratory upkeep, including ordering of supplies and preparation of media and stock solutions.  



Bachelor’s degree in a field relevant to the research being conducted required.  


A minimum of one year of relevant research experience preferred.

Previous experience with tissue culture techniques, enzyme-linked immunoassays, high content assays, high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and/or surface plasmon resonance (SPR) is strongly preferred.  



Basic knowledge of cell biology, molecular biology, and biochemistry.
Problem-solving and quantitative skills required.
Attention to detail required.
Organizational skills required.
Ability to learn new research techniques or methods required.
Ability to work independently and as part of a team required.

Required documents:

Cover Letter
Reference Contact Information