My name is Desislava Manolova, but my friends call me Dessi. I was born 1991 in Pazardzhik, a small town in South Bulgaria, where I grew up. After graduating from high school, at the age of 19, I moved to Austria with my best friend.

My intention was to attend university but due to my financial situation, I couldn’t do it right away. Instead, I worked for over two years before I began my first Bachelor’s in Slavonic studies with Russian”. I started last year a second Bachelor’s in Slavonic studies with Bulgarian as well as a Master´s in law.

In addition, I work as a real estate agent while at the same time volunteering as a probation officer. The little free time I have left I devote to writing blog-articles and to amateur photography.

I am very passionate about Austrian politics and do a lot of volunteering work in that area. I feel that politics is an important part of our lives and that we should all be to some extent involved. I am also a member of the Austrian Trade Union Federation and of the Christian Union.

In January this year, I joined the No to cancer initiative. This was an easy and fast decision as I consider raising cancer awareness of the highest importance. In March I took over the role of Team leader of the Bulgarian Page of this project. I believe this is a much-needed health outlet as many people in Bulgaria don’t speak any other language but Bulgarian. I intend to make this page as the premiere health source for Bulgarians around the world.

Cancer is disease that is often fatal but that can be prevented and sometimes even cured. Our cancer risk very much depends on our lifestyle, including our diet, alcohol and cigarettes consumption, physical activity, and overall fitness. Health matters and I hope to help you stay healthy through the articles of my page. Please show your support and “Like” it. Thanks!



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