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Breast Cancer Now is the UK’s leading breast cancer research charity. They believe research is what will ultimately give women with breast cancer more time to live. Their goal: by the year 2050, no one dies from this disease.

In order to reach this goal they have launched a new funding initiative called “Breast Cancer Now Catalyst Programme”. It is meant to bring bring together Europe’s leading breast cancer researchers and the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies to pool resources and stop women dying from breast cancer.

Their partner Pfizer provides substantial funding for research grant as well as access to a number of its licensed and investigational drugs that may be useful for treating breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Now will use its peer review process to decide which research projects will be supported and will have access to Pfizer’s drugs. Pfizer will not be involved in making the decisions about which projects are funded.

Duration of funding:

Covered costs:  £300,000 for a single research question and may be based at one or multiple sites and £1 million in total for studies of exceptional potential (address a range of questions around a common theme, or undertake research using several of the Pfizer drugs, or multi-centre phase II clinical studies)

Nationalities: Europe