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Postdoctoral position: Characterizing cancer progression and metastasis

To develop and characterize solid cancer model systems in order to study epigenetic changes contributing to cancer progression and metastasis. These models will aid in the discovery of promising targets and evaluation of treatment strategies. The overall goal of these pre-clinical studies will be to provide supporting data for the potential clinical translation of novel, effective therapeutic approaches.    

Please include CV with publication record and (if applicable) previous/current grant funding.

Minimum Education and Skills Required for Consideration:

  • Ph.D. with emphasis in oncology and/or epigenetics, but will also consider biochemistry, immunology or microbiology background with experience in cancer or epigenetics research.
  • Experience in flow cytometry is preferred
  • Mouse handling with proficiency in different routes of injection.
  • Strong critical thinking skills and ability to troubleshoot.
  • Strong command of the English language with the capacity to write and speak scientifically.
  • Should be self-motivated, productive, and require little to no supervision once trained.