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The Yun laboratory studies multiple aspects of cancer stem cell biology, employing techniques in genetics, genomics, molecular biology, cell biology, and biochemistry. We are currently focusing on understanding mechanisms that promote cancer stem cell survival and self-renewal in medulloblastomas and glioblastomas (GBMs). We use genetically defined mouse models, patient derived xenografts, and primary human and mouse cancer stem cell cultures. Ongoing projects include: 1) elucidating molecular mechanisms of therapy resistance in brain cancer stem cells, 2) developing new inhibitors to target cancer stem cells, 3) developing a new experimental platform for drug testing, 4) interrogation of epigenetic changes in stem cells, 5) role of cancer stem cells in tumor immune modulation. 

We are looking for a postdoctoral fellow with a strong background in cancer biology, stem cell biology, tissue engineering, pharmacology, immunology or epigenetics. 

Houston Methodist Research Institute (HMRI) is a non-profit, academic research institute affiliated with the Weill Cornell Medical College and provides unique translational research opportunities. HMRI is located in the Texas Medical Center, adjacent to Rice University, Baylor College of Medicine, and MD Anderson Cancer Center, providing ample opportunities to interact with researchers in these neighboring institutions. We work hard and play hard and love what we do. We are looking for colleagues with demonstrated passion for science, strong work ethics, and excellent interpersonal and organizational skills. 

Applications should include a CV, names of three references, and a cover letter describing research interest and background. Please send to: 
Kyuson Yun, Ph.D. 
Email: kyun@houstonmethodist.org