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A postdoctoral scholar position in the area of Genomics and Bioinformatics is available in the laboratory of Dr. Christopher Maher at The McDonnell Genome Institute at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Our lab focuses on developing computational methods for analyzing large-scale cancer genomics data collections from solid tumors to improve our understanding of cancer biology and identify novel therapies for treating patients. Active projects address topics such as structural variation, cancer evolution, discovery and characterization of novel long non-coding RNAs, and the development of new bioinformatics tools.


  • Evaluation and design of experimental plans for sequencing-based projects studying the genetic basis of cancer.
  • Implementation and development of automated pipelines to analyze high throughput sequencing data.
  • Integration of genetic and epigenetic changes in cancer including mutations, gene expression data, epigenetic modification, copy number and structural variation.
  • Integrated pathway and gene network analysis related to cancer.
  • Analyze and interpret results to communicate with others and produce scientific publications is required.

Applicants should have a graduate degree in biology, bioinformatics, computational biology, or related field with a solid background in programming and statistics.