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We are seeking a motivated postdoctoral fellow to study (1) the biology of Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T and NK cells and characterize these CAR-T and CAR-NK cells for development of innovative therapies for chronic HIV infection and HIV-related malignancy with the ultimate goal of administering them to patients as part of a future clinical trial (NIH funded); and (2) the cell biology of NK cell, with a focus on NK cell inhibitory receptor signaling and synapse.

We are using molecular, biochemical, and imaging strategies, as well as biophysical approaches for understanding human lymphocyte dysfunction in chronic infectious diseases and cancers. This post-doctoral fellowship or research position will provide the opportunity to apply cutting-edge imaging techniques to study the biology of cytotoxic lymphocytes and CAR cells. This position can also serve as an ideal transition step either to academia or to industry, which is a great opportunity for someone who acquired experience in basic immunology research to diversify her/is research experience toward clinical research.

This position is looking for experience in molecular biology/cloning, immunology, and imaging. This post-doctoral fellowship will provide the opportunity to apply cutting-edge techniques to study the biology of cytotoxic lymphocytes and CAR-T and CAR-NK cells in the laboratory of Dongfang Liu, Ph.D.