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Preferred Education:

Ph.D. Biology, Biochemistry, Medicine, or related field.

Preferred Experience:

Experience in physiology, anatomy, and surgery using preclinical models of colon cancer. Performed necropsies, clinical and/or laboratory experience. Proficient in molecular biology techniques, such as immunoblotting, PCR, RT-PCR, or cell culture and cloning. Experience in performing rodent tumor bioassays following approved protocols using intra-oral and intra-peritoneal injections.

Required Special Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Ability to multi-task and work cooperatively with others. Ability to perform all tasks and job responsibilities safely without injury to self and others, in compliance with A&M System and TAMHSC guidelines. Provide a safe environment that fosters respect, inclusion, and equality.

Job Responsibilities

  • Perform Procedures: Perform endoscopies and polypectomies on live study animals, helping to develop/improve surgical resection protocols on rodent small intestine and colon.
  • Experiments: Conduct cell culture, molecular, biochemical, and animal studies to determine the action of chemopreventive compounds in cell culture and tumorigenicity assays. Perform cell culture experiments and molecular techniques such as PCR, RT-PCR, Western blotting, RNA-seq, and DNA methylation assays to investigate epigenetic mechanisms in GI lesions.
  • Research: Participate in joint projects involving faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and research assistants. Assist with research grant proposals and provide publishable reports for conference and journal presentation. This will include library research into new approaches, the preparation of tables, graphs, photographs, and figures, and assist in manuscripts and grant proposals. Participate in weekly lab meetings within the center and in local/regional programs relevant to ongoing projects. Participate in joint projects involving faculty, junior lab personnel, and graduate students. Provides assistance to graduate students and junior lab personnel.