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The Research Specialist 1 will participate in a research project in a translational cancer genetics laboratory, including genetic and epigenetic studies of breast cancer. Must be able to perform tasks with minimal supervision. Proficiently perform many laboratory techniques such as cell culture, extraction of nucleic acids and proteins from cultured cells, quality control and quantification of nucleic acids and protein samples, cloning, sequencing, quantitative real-time PCR, and transfection of cells. Maintain complete and accurate experimental records. Collate and analyze data. Summarize results and write papers and abstracts for publication. Contribute to maintenance of equipment and organization of the laboratory.

50% – clone guide RNA sequences, grow and transfect commercially available human cell lines and harvest them for analysis

15% – extract DNA for sequencing.

15% – Prepare preliminary and final reports describing the results of sequence analysis. Record accurate data into computer database.

10% – Participates in scientific writing for future journal publication and grant reports.

5% – Participate in laboratory tasks, such as routine laboratory maintenance

5% – Participates in training sessions and workshops.

Bachelor’s degree in Biology required.  

Two years of previous lab experience, including cell culture and molecular genetics required.

Knowledge of CRISPR/CAS 9 technology, cell culture techniques and DNA sequence analysis, genetics, molecular biology.

Knowledge in relevant scientific field required.
Knowledge of research techniques or methods required.
Knowledge of regulatory policies and procedures required.
Analytical skills required.
Problem-solving skills required.
Attention to detail required.
Organizational skills required.
Verbal and written communication skills required.
Ability to work independently and as part of a team required.
Knowledge of Microsoft Excel.
Attention to detail and good communications skills.
Knowledge of Microsoft Office required.