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The Chapkin laboratory at Texas A&M University has an opening for a PhD graduate with an interest in one or more of the following areas: obesity, intestinal stem cells, epigenetics, metabolic profiling in preclinical models, gut-microbe crosstalk, membrane biology, immunology and/or computational biology/ bioinformatics. Our lab studies the effects of natural dietary and microbial bioactive molecules on chronic diseases, with particular interest in molecular mechanisms of action. Methods include flow cytometry, cell culture, confocal (FLIM, FRET, TIRF) super resolution microscopy, metabolite analysis, RNA Seq, ChIP Seq, microRNA analysis among others. Pathways of interest include Wnt signaling, lipid rafts/cytoskeletal interaction, AhR, Myc and EGFR/Ras-dependent signaling.

Active projects in the lab include:
– Effects of dietary and microbial-derived compounds on cell membrane structure and function.
– Development of a novel noninvasive methodology to monitor host/microbe interaction.
– Investigation of the role of dietary and microbial ligands as modifiers of inflammation and colon cancer development.
– Synergistic effects of systemic and luminal metabolites on intestinal stem cells and differentiated colonocytes.

The successful candidate will be highly motivated, comfortable with technical challenges and problem solving and able to work collaboratively.

Duties include: Designing and conducting research projects, writing manuscripts, developing new methodologies for the lab

Occasional Duties

Other job related duties as required.

Required Education:
Ph.D. in any biological science.

Preferred Education:
PhD in biochemistry, cell biology, biology, physiology, genetics or nutrition.

Required Experience:
Experience in molecular and cell biology and cell culture.

Preferred Experience:
Experience in cell biology, fluorescence microscopy, and/or stem cell biology, and/or computational biology, and/or obesity research.

Required licenses, certifications, or registrations:

Preferred licenses, certifications, or registrations:

Required special knowledge, abilities, and skills:
Familiarity with appropriate laboratory equipment. Ability to effectively utilize a computer and applicable software to create databases, perform statistical analyses, present data and perform other computer related tasks as directed by the supervisor.

Preferred special knowledge, abilities, and skills:
Trouble shooting techniques, manuscript and research proposal preparation.

Other requirements or other factors:
Ability to multi task and work cooperatively with others.

Documents associated with this posting

Cover Letter – required
C.V. – required