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A postdoctoral position is immediately available within the Masri Lab at the University of California, Irvine (UC Irvine). The Masri lab employs a systemic approach to understanding cancer metabolism that is linked to the circadian clock, the biological pacemaker that regulates diurnal physiology. We are interested in two research questions. The first question relates to how genetic disruption of the circadian clock in mouse models alters tumorigenesis both at the level of initiation and disease progression. The second question is aimed at elucidating the systemic crosstalk between tumors and peripheral tissues and how cancer cells are able to rewire circadian metabolism at a distance. 

We are seeking independent and motivated postdoctoral candidates interested in a multi-disciplinary approach to tumorigenesis including: cancer metabolism, circadian clock disruption, and transcription and epigenetic control. The Masri lab utilizes genetic mouse models, molecular and cell biology, as well as genome-wide ‘omics’ approaches to determine changes in gene expression programs, histone modifications, and alterations in metabolites using metabolomics. In addition, bioinformatics expertise is an advantage, but certainly not required. Experience with mouse handling and experiments, mammalian cell culture, and routine molecular and cell biology are needed. Also, at least 1 first author publication from the Ph.D. training period is required. 

For consideration, applicants may send an email to Professor Selma Masri ( Masrilaboratory@gmail.com) with the following information: 

  • Brief statement of research interests and future goals
  • CV detailing research experience, publications, any fellowships obtained during the training period, and other relevant information
  • List of any manuscripts in preparation or currently under review
  • Names of 3 references that are familiar with the research experience of the candidate and can provide letters of recommendation upon request