The Cancer Epigenetics Society is happy to announce the official appointment of Dr. Giacomo Cavalli to the position of Editor at Cancer Epigenetics (CE) journal series.

Dr. Cavalli is is Head of the Chromatin and Cell Biology Laboratory at the Institute for Human Genetics (Montpellier, France). He is also a Permanent Member of the EpigeneSys Network of Excellence, of the Genome and Epigenome Axis of the Laboratory of Excellence EpiGenMed, and a Senior Member of the Cancer Epigenetics Society. Dr. Cavalli is an expert of the transgenerational inheritance of chromatin states and its regulation by the Polycomb group (PcG) of proteins. He is also interested in the mechanisms of transcriptional repression by the PRC1 and PRC2 complexes, and by the counteracting mechanisms effected by the trithorax-group (trxG) of proteins. Dr. Cavalli has over 80 publications in the field of epigenetics and cancer, with many publications in leading journals such as Cell, Developmental Cell, Molecular Cell, Nature, Nature Genetics, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, and Science.

The Cancer Epigenetics Society congratulates Dr. Giacomo Cavalli for his nomination to the Editorial Board of Cancer Epigenetics journal series, and looks forward to working with him in publishing the most compelling cancer and epigenetics articles .