My name is Leonora Rrahmani Ramabaja, and I was born on 03.05.1986 in Ferizaj, Republic of Kosovo. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Public administration from University of Pristina (Pristina, Kosovo), and a Master’s degree in Public Policy from Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, NY, USA).  I am currently a doctoral candidate at the Department of Political Sciences at University of Vienna (Vienna, Austria).

I started working early on, already as a child at Radio and Television Festina in Ferizaj, Kosovo, and while in High school I worked at the Internet Provider company SuN. I also worked as the Professional Administrative Assistant to the major of the municipality of Ferizaj and worked later on in several capacities at the Prime Minister’s Office of the Government of Kosovo. My experience spans policy making, reporting, planning, monitoring, coordinating, organizing seminars and workshops, and keeping close relations with stakeholders. I have also contributed to several seminars and fellowships at the national and international levels.

In addition, I have a strong interest in contributing to people’s well being worldwide and I am an Editor at the Albanian language page “Jo kancerit” of the “No to cancer” multilingual project of the Cancer Epigenetic Society.

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