Senior Scientific Researcher – Molecular Biology

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The Position We are seeking a Senior Scientific Researcher in the Department of Molecular Biology to assist with the development of an advanced cell-based molecular genetics platform. She/he will utilize and create diverse nucleic-acid-based technologies for targeted manipulation of primary and immortalized cells, with the ultimate goal of improving upon in vitro disease models and [...]

Cancer Epigenetics Database, Experimental section: KDMi are in!

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The experimental section of the Cancer Epigenetics Drug Database has been expanded to now include a fourth class of epigenetics-targeting drugs: the inhibitors of histone (lysine) demethylases or KDMi. This database currently includes data on 9 KDMi and 61 cancer cell lines. Together, the experimental section of the Cancer Epigenetics Drug Database now includes more [...]

Update on the Cancer Epigenetics Database, Experimental section

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We at the Cancer Epigenetics Society have lately focused our efforts on expanding the experimental datasets of the Cancer Epigenetics Drug Database with emphasis on three large classes of epigenetics-targeting drugs. These are the inhibitors of the DNA methyltransferases (DNMTi), histone deacetylases (HDACi), and histone methyltransferases (HMTi). Together, the three datasets include more than 2,500 [...]