Postdoctoral Fellow

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Position Highlights: Characterize and Develop Next Generation Therapeutics for Lethal Prostate and Breast Cancers Project 1: To characterize epigenetic regulators promoting survival, adaptability and metastasis of lethal cancers, particularly hormone refractory prostate and breast cancers and characterize novel small molecule inhibitors that we have recently developed. Project II. To characterize novel epigenetic regulators of genome [...]

Associate Researcher – Pharmacological Sciences

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For laboratory research in genomics and molecular biology of cancer/stem cells in the Department of Pharmacological Sciences is looking to fill a position of research associate. The laboratory research will focus on understanding the role of epigenetic regulators in biological events that control and direct cell fate. We use state of the art equipment and [...]

Research Specialist A

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Research Specialist position to aid an Instructor in the Division of Gastroenterology in the performance of experiments in a Cancer Biology laboratory aimed at studying the novel functions of epigenetic regulators in colon cancer and neuroendocrine tumors. The position will involve work with both cell culture experiments as well as some work with mouse models. [...]