Postdoctoral Fellow

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Position Highlights: Characterize and Develop Next Generation Therapeutics for Lethal Prostate and Breast Cancers Project 1: To characterize epigenetic regulators promoting survival, adaptability and metastasis of lethal cancers, particularly hormone refractory prostate and breast cancers and characterize novel small molecule inhibitors that we have recently developed. Project II. To characterize novel epigenetic regulators of genome [...]

Postdoctoral Fellow: ­­­­­­­­­­Cancer Immunotherapy

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Cancer immunotherapy represents a paradigm shift in the management of cancer. Recent successes with antibody directed therapies for immune modulators such as CTLA4 and PD1/PDL-1 axis have altered the landscape of systemic therapy for solid and hematologic malignancies. Among various strategies to improve cancer immunotherapy, epigenetic targets have emerged as prominent actionable targets to enhance anti-tumor immune [...]

Professor – Immunology

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Moffitt Cancer Center is internationally recognized for our focus on personalized cancer care and translational research. The mission of Moffitt is clear, focused, and fully stated in nine words, "To contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer." With a tradition of excellence that began with the first patient admission in 1986, dedicated Moffitt physicians, [...]

Postdoctoral Researcher – Structural Biology

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The laboratory of Dr. Ernst Schonbrunn at Moffitt Cancer Center is seeking a postdoctoral researcher to work on inter-disciplinary projects towards the structural biology of proteins as drug targets. The position provides exciting opportunities for structural, biochemical and cell-based studies of various drug-target interactions and the rational design of new inhibitors with potential as therapeutics. [...]

Postdoctoral Fellow – Molecular Oncology

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A postdoctoral position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Florian Karreth at the Moffitt Cancer Center. The Karreth lab combines innovative mouse modeling approaches with molecular biology and biochemistry techniques to better understand the crosstalk between oncogenic signaling and non-coding RNAs in the development, progression, and resistance of cancer. We are particularly interested in identifying [...]