Postdoctoral Fellow

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  According to the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF), a postdoc is an individual who has received a doctoral degree (or equivalent) and is engaged in a temporary and defined period of mentored advanced research training to enhance the professional skills and research independence needed to pursue his or [...]

Postdoctoral Fellow

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Purpose Perform research in the lab and program of Dr. Song (Stephen) Yi, Principal Investigator and Assistant Professor of Oncology at the LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes.  Essential Functions Use systems and computational biology, bioinformatics, and proteomics approaches to identify genetic and epigenetic biomarkers, and synthetic lethal mechanisms underlying cancer and immunity for personalized medicine. Perform bioinformatics [...]

Postdoctoral Fellow

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The Simone Laboratory in the Radiation Oncology Department at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA is seeking an outstanding post-doctoral fellow to work in the area of cancer and radiation biology. Our laboratory focuses on using metabolic manipulation such as dietary alterations, to improve standard cancer therapy such as radiation and chemotherapy. Mechanistically, our [...]

Postdoctoral Fellow

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The Faber laboratory has an opening for a postdoctoral fellow to study the rational combinations of epigenetic drugs for solid tumor therapies. The successful candidate will have a Ph.D. and a strong background in cancer biology. Job Type: Full-time Required experience: cancer biology: 4 years

Postdoctoral Fellow

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A postdoctoral position is available to work at the interface of cancer epigenetics and translational therapeutics for head and neck malignancies. The position will be supported by a new NIH R01 award and industry-sponsored agreements in the Division of Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine. Our research program aims to [...]

Postdoctoral Fellow

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A postdoctoral position is immediately available in epigenetic regulation of neural stem cell differentiation. We are interested in studying cell cycle or cell fate-dependent regulation of chromatin remodeling along with coordinated transcriptional regulation. We focus on an aberration in neural differentiation during aging and tumorigenesis. We are looking for a motivated candidate with strong work [...]

Postdoctoral Fellow

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Positions of two postdoctoral scientists are open now in the Chen laboratory (https://www.cityofhope.org/faculty/jianjun-chen). Our group is interested in discovering novel genetic and epigenetic regulations and deciphering their underlying molecular mechanisms in normal developmental processes (e.g., hematopoiesis) and tumorigenesis (e.g., leukemogenesis). We cover research areas with relevance to Hematology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology, with an emphasis on [...]


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Job Description An NIH -supported postdoctoral fellow position is available immediately in Dr. Byungwoo Ryu’s laboratory at the Boston University School of Medicine. Creative and self-motivated candidates with Ph.D. in medical science/cancer biology, biochemistry, and molecular biology (received with a few years or close to be awarded) are encouraged to make initial contact to Dr. [...]

Postdoctoral Fellow

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A Postdoctoral Fellow position is available in Dr. Chuong Dinh Hoang's laboratory within the Thoracic and Gastrointestinal Oncology Branch (TGIB), National Cancer Institute, NIH. Our broad goal is to explore the molecular and cellular biology of thoracic cancers, namely mesothelioma and/ or non-small cell lung carcinoma, thymoma, etc. Currently, we have projects that involve investigating microRNA-mRNA interactions in [...]

Postdoctoral Fellow – Oncology

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Postdoctoral Fellow will work on a Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT)-Funded Projects to study Separase inhibitors as cancer therapeutics, and the role of cohesin and Separase proteins in hematopoiesis, hematopoietic gene transcription, hematological malignancies, and epigenetics of lineage specification.  Required: PhD, Biology  Preferred: one year of directly related experience

Postdoctoral Fellow – Cancer Pharmacology

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Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, is seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow for the Cancer Pharmacology Department at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey. The primary purpose of the Postdoctoral Fellow is to conduct research investigation into the characterization of oncogenic and tumor suppressor enhancer regions, as well as on the dissection of the interplay [...]

Postdoctoral Fellow: ­­­­­­­­­­Cancer Immunotherapy

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Cancer immunotherapy represents a paradigm shift in the management of cancer. Recent successes with antibody directed therapies for immune modulators such as CTLA4 and PD1/PDL-1 axis have altered the landscape of systemic therapy for solid and hematologic malignancies. Among various strategies to improve cancer immunotherapy, epigenetic targets have emerged as prominent actionable targets to enhance anti-tumor immune [...]

Postdoctoral Fellow

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The Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Genetics is seeking a postdoctoral fellow to conduct research in the Tumor Microenvironment and Metastasis Section.  The research program focuses on the interplay of tumor and host in the metastatic process, and aims to identify critical molecular mediators for therapeutic target.  The group utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach combining molecular, [...]

Postdoctoral Fellow

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Dr. Sosa's lab seeks applications from qualified postdoctoral research fellows. The position is offered to study tumor dormancy of minimal residual disease. The research will require epigenetic and stem cell knowledge as well as experience in cancer metastasis and animal models (Nature Communications 30;6:6170, Nature Reviews Cancer 14(9):611-22, PLoS One 2012;7(1):e29974, Molecular and Cellular Oncology [...]

Postdoctoral Fellow

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The research to be carried out focuses on the micro-environmental and epigenetic regulation of disseminated cancer cell dormancy and metastasis initiation. The project will focus on the mechanisms by which signals from the micro-environment reprogram tumor cells into dormancy. The project will focus on identifying signals produced by organ specific macrophages that impinge on solitary [...]

Postdoctoral Fellow – Inflammation & Epigenetics

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JOB SUMMARY This position is seeking a Postdoctoral Candidate who has experience in immunology, cancer biology, or molecular biology. Strong interest in cancer immunotherapy, vaccine development and antigen discovery. Excellent communication skills and self-motivation. Candidate will have the opportunity to apply cutting edge technology to study cancer immunotherapy in the laboratory of Dr. Rongfu Wang. Applicants will [...]

Postdoctoral Fellow – Cancer Pharmacology

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Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, is seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow for the Cancer Pharmacology Department at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey. The primary purpose of the Postdoctoral Fellow is to conduct research investigation into the characterization of oncogenic and tumor suppressor enhancer regions, as well as on the dissection of the interplay [...]

Postdoc Fellow – Molecular Oncology

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The Michael Mann Lab is dedicated to discovering the genetic events that drive the evolution of skin cancers, including melanoma. Our research program uses innovative genetic and genomic approaches, using both Sleeping Beauty transposon mutagenesis data from mouse cancer models and somatic mutation data from human cancer genomes, to discover the genetic and epigenetic events that initiate, [...]

Postdoctoral Fellow

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Multiple postdoctoral positions are currently available in the laboratory of Dr. Dustin Schones at the City of Hope. We are broadly interested in exploring the interaction of epigenomic and genomic variation in the development of complex diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cancer. We utilize integrative approaches combining computational and experimental approaches to study these [...]

Postdoctoral Fellow – Myeloma

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Celgene is a global biopharmaceutical company leading the way in medical innovation to help patients live longer, better lives. Our purpose as a company is to discover and develop therapies that will change the course of human health.  We value our passion for patients, quest for innovation, spirit of independence and love of challenge. With [...]

Postdoctoral Fellow

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A Post Doctoral position is available in the Villanueva Lab at the Wistar Institute to study mechanisms of therapy resistance using genetic and biochemical approaches.  We are seeking a highly-motivated candidate who can integrate new concepts and techniques to investigate mechanisms of drug resistance and identify new therapeutic targets.    Applicants must be recent graduates with proven expertise in [...]

Postdoctoral Fellow

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Two postdoctoral positions are available in the Stem Cell and Leukemia Program established in the laboratory of Dr. Nadia Carlesso in the Gehr Family Center for Leukemia Research at the Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope.    Our laboratory investigates the link between inflammation and leukemogenesis and the contribution of the bone marrow microenvironment [...]

Postdoctoral Research Fellow – Cancer Genetics and Epigenetics

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A postdoctoral position is available in the lab of David MacPherson. The position will be funded by a newly awarded R01, with a focus on the role of key chromatin regulators in driving small cell lung cancer (SCLC), an aggressive neuroendocrine tumor type. Cell based screens, genetic mouse models and study of patient derived tumors [...]

Postdoctoral Fellow in Cancer Epigenetics at Beckman Research Institute

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Job Title:  Postdoctoral Fellow - Yu Lab   Position Summary and Key Responsibilities: Postdoctoral positions are available to work in the areas of chromatin remodeling, epigenetic modifications, DNA damage response and tumor suppression (Nature 493:561-564; Cancer Cell 23:693-704; Mol. Cell 49:897-907; Genes Dev. 27:1752-1768; Genome Res. 24:570-579). The approaches we take range from mammalian cell [...]

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