Postdoctoral Fellow

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A Post Doctoral position is available in the Villanueva Lab at the Wistar Institute to study mechanisms of therapy resistance using genetic and biochemical approaches.  We are seeking a highly-motivated candidate who can integrate new concepts and techniques to investigate mechanisms of drug resistance and identify new therapeutic targets.    Applicants must be recent graduates with proven expertise in [...]

Postdoctoral Fellow

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Two postdoctoral positions are available in the Stem Cell and Leukemia Program established in the laboratory of Dr. Nadia Carlesso in the Gehr Family Center for Leukemia Research at the Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope.    Our laboratory investigates the link between inflammation and leukemogenesis and the contribution of the bone marrow microenvironment [...]

Postdoctoral Research Fellow – Cancer Genetics and Epigenetics

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A postdoctoral position is available in the lab of David MacPherson. The position will be funded by a newly awarded R01, with a focus on the role of key chromatin regulators in driving small cell lung cancer (SCLC), an aggressive neuroendocrine tumor type. Cell based screens, genetic mouse models and study of patient derived tumors [...]

Postdoctoral Fellow in Cancer Epigenetics at Beckman Research Institute

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Job Title:  Postdoctoral Fellow - Yu Lab   Position Summary and Key Responsibilities: Postdoctoral positions are available to work in the areas of chromatin remodeling, epigenetic modifications, DNA damage response and tumor suppression (Nature 493:561-564; Cancer Cell 23:693-704; Mol. Cell 49:897-907; Genes Dev. 27:1752-1768; Genome Res. 24:570-579). The approaches we take range from mammalian cell [...]

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